Porto Design Biennale 2021
Visual Identity 
Porto, Portugal

Client: Porto Design Biennale
Art Direction: w/ Lidia Ginga
Design: w/ Lidia Ginga

Shortlisted proposal for the visual identity of Porto Design Biennale 2021. The visual identity is conceived as a flexible template where information can be added: events, images, texts, drawings. A platform that hosts different kinds of expressions.

PINKS Architecture
Paris, France

Unmanned World, Realia 003
Book Design
Milan, Italy

Client: Realia
Art Direction: w/ Lidia Ginga
Design: w/ Lidia Ginga
Published: Realia
Photography: Lidia Ginga
Dimensions:19 x 29 cm
Pages: 100
Limited Edition of 30

Unmanned World is the first printed output produced in the context of an ongoing collaboration with Milan-based experimental music label and publishing platform Realia. This publication is conceived of as the transposition of Hyter’s homonymous concept album (Realia003) into the form of a visual essay.

The Future of Bouwkunde
Book Design
Delft, The Netherlands

 2 publications for the Faculty of Architecture of Delft. (1) Multi Annual-Plan for 2021—2025 and (2) The Future of the Bouwkunde. The Future of the Bouwkunde is a publication where different researchers discuss the future of the building that now hosts the Faculty of Architecture of Delft in the Netherlands.

Georges Houtstont and the Ornamental Craze of the Belle Epoque
Book Design
Brussels, Belgium

Client: urban.brussels
Published: urban.brussels

Exhibition about the work of Georges Houtstont organised by urban.brussels