Oostende, Belgium

Client: Mu.ZEE
Art Direction: Atelier Brenda
Animation: w/ Atelier Brenda
Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 px

‘Trance-Action’ takes us through traditional weaving techniques, the production of car parts and the processing of raw materials into construction material. An object is created through a repetitive and often lightning-fast movement of hands and bodies. Small-scale manufacturing and major industries initiate the same rhythmic process: the maker makes. The hypnotic cadence of the action turns man into machine. At that point, the activity takes over from the Self and haste makes way for serenity. ‘Trance-Action’ leads us to this specific tipping point between restlessness and rest. It examines the way in which repetition and patterns can free us from the hustle and bustle and connect us with our inner being. Curated by the students of the Curatorial Studies from KASK and Ilse Roosens