Hello World! I’m Bernardo Berga Rodrigues. I’m a Portuguese Graphic/Type Designer and Art Director based in Brussels, Belgium. Welcome to my WebSite! 


(E) bernardo.o.b.rodrigues@gmail.com
(M) +32 485 80 93 97 (BE)
(M) +351 91 348 73 29 (PT)
(W) bernardoberga.com
(IG) @b.berga.rodrigues


Art Direction
Book Design
Editorial Design
Type Design
Logo Design
Visual Identity
After Effects


— Publication Architecture Without Content, The Frugal Palazzo for Harvard GSD (w/Joris Kritis)
— Publication Architecture Without Content, Abstract Technology for GSAPP Columbia University (w/Joris Kritis)
— Publication Architecture Without Content, America Deserta for GSAPP Columbia University (w/Joris Kritis)
— Publication Architecture Without Content, The American Club for GSAPP Columbia University (w/Joris Kritis)
— Catalog and exhibithion design, Brancusi, Sublimation of Form, in Bozar for EUROPALIA in Brussels (BE) (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Publication UU for Camiel Van Noten and Angel Solanellas Terés
— Visual intervention, A Visual Dialogue for MAD Brussels (BE)
— 7 Posters + Introduction Wall for the exhibition Still Undead: Popular Culture in Britain Beyond the Bauhause in Nottingham Contemporary (UK)
— Workshop and visual identity, We’ll Find Ways, for ConstructLab and Z33 (BE)
— Logo for Service-Learning by KU Leuven (BE)
— Publication 100 Columns for  Kingston School of Art, London (UK)
— Type design for the logo of the band STUFF. (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Publication, SMAK, Highlights For A Future for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent (w/JanenRandoald) (BE)

— Scientific catalog, public catalog and new identity for S.M.A.K. Ghent, Belgium. (w/ Jan en Randoald)
— Book and Poster design for the exhibition In/Action for the museum Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, Italy .
— Typeface for the sculpture of Jean bernard Koeman in Meldert, Belgium
— Timeline for the exhibition Trade Markings, Frontier Imaginaries Ed. No.5 in the Van Abbemuseum, in Eindhoven (NL) (w/ Julie Peeters)
— Website and Publication for the architect Mathieu Boret (work in Progress)
— Typeface Robofont ’18; A family composed by 7 typefaces (Mono, Book, Book Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Narrow Bold, Narrow Bold Italic). Launched at Robothon 2018 in Den Haag (NL) (w/ Frederik Berlaen)
— Publication Necessarily Eurometroplitan for the The Berlage Cente for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, Delft (NL)  (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Visual Identity Realia for a Italian Music label based in Turin (IT) (w/ Lidia Ginga)

— Publication Studio Time, Future Thinking in Art and Desing for Z33 in Hasselt (BE) (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Map of Brussels for Atelier Brenda, Brussels (BE)
— Publication Ancestors and Rituals for Europalia Indonesia in Bozar; Published by Snoek (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Publication Set NaKim Black Edition for Na Kim; Published by Idea Books  (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Visual Identity, Sangue na Guelra 5th Edition for Amuse Bouche, Lisbon (PT)
— Publication Forked Apologies for Michael Van den Abeele; Published by FOREST; Brussels (BE) (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Publication The Claim for a Good Life  for the The Berlage Cente for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, Delft (NL)  (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Typeface König for Walter König, Cologne (DE) (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Typeface Office for OFFICE Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, Brussels (BE) (w/ Joris Kritis)

— Publication Architecture Without Content, Neon Palladian for Harvard GSD (w/Joris Kritis)
­­— Publication Transit Mechelen Without Growth by Serena De Dominics
— Visual Identity Biennale INTERIEUR 2016 for INTERIEUR, Kortrijk (BE) (w/ Joris Kritis)
— Publication The Books of The Architecture of the City *. Exhibition in the Instituto
Svizzero di Roma, Milan (IT) (while interning w/ Joris Kritis)
— Poster design Sabbo Specimen selected for Weltformat 2016
— Publications for Beursschouwburg (months 9—12), Brussels (BE) (while interning w/ Joris Kritis)
— Summer School Boomtown Summer School (Bart de Baets (NL), Publication Studio Rotterdam (NL), Ine Meganck (BE) and We Became Aware (BE) in Ghent (BE)
— (Competition) Poster, Blank Poster x NODA x Flip, Norway.
— Publication + Typeface It’s Nothing Hema...; Selected for FAHRENHEIT 39, Ravenna (IT) (w/  Lidia Ginga)